I'm Joona
I see patterns and I enjoy making sense of things. I grew up in Tuusniemi, a place where I had to come up with my own activities. Over the years I’ve built up a mental library of imaginary worlds that I utilize more or less consciously in whatever I do.
Continuous creation since 1991
I feel successful when something exciting comes out from the most unlikely starting points. Seeing clarity in the middle of the noise has become one of my strongest skills to recognize patterns and find meaningful connections between things.
Curiosity is a driving force for challenging myself and I actively take part in design competitions and volunteer to keep my brain active and gain experience with my craft.
I have the power to envision, solve and combine topics, no matter how unrelated they may seem. Usually, doing the most unexpected things are the most fun. Like building a guitar out of ceramic plates.
In my personal projects, I get to express my visual style, while exploring and learning new techniques of making. In my professional work, I value user experience and usability.
With more than ten years of experience in graphic design and another ten in product design, I'm interested in applying that knowledge to projects that elicit emotion and can have a real effect on society.
Having developed a robust visual library and capabilities to describe my ideas, I’m able to realize my visions independently as well as to communicate them to others.
CV in a nutshell
Recent work experience
Spent a year at The LEGO Group in a dream job crafting imaginary worlds through hands-on making.
Worked 1,5 years with virtual reality in 3D Talo Finland creating assets for virtual reality solutions. Valuable experience that kickstarted my enthusiasm for game development and design in VR.
Industrial designer with ten years of graphic design expertise. Recently graduated from Master of Arts in Collaborative and Industrial Design program at Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture.
Career highlights
• Featured artist of the month of September 2022 in PostBar nightclub.
• Having a project for a recognized brand exhibited during Helsinki Design Week 2020.
• Honorable mention in Valtra Design Challenge 2018 for tractor from the future.
• Started working independently as a design entrepreneur in 2017.
Visit my LinkedIn profile to learn more about my professional activity and if you have a project that you'd like to work on together, please don't hesitate to get in touch!
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