Over the span of over ten years as a professional graphic designer, I have gained extensive experience working with vector graphics and content layouts. I developed an understanding of how design elements between text and images support each other, which has become an invaluable skill when presenting any kind of content.
Instructional illustrations for bruxism study participants. University of Eastern Finland, 2016.
Research group in University of Eastern Finland was studying bruxism and they needed a clear and simple instruction pamphlet targeted for their participants. My co-worker and I loaned the measuring instruments and experimented what parts of the setup were most hard to understand. In addition to the general instructions, we included some more detailed steps based on our findings.
Editorial design sample from Finnish Defence Forces' official magazine, Ruotuväki, 2012.
I served my military service at the Defense Forces Communications Department as a graphic designer in 2012. My work consisted of photo editing, illustration, editorial design and preparing material for print. I also held video training for garrison officers about basic photo editing.
Kuopio Community College operational report layout from 2009.
During my internship at Kuopio Community College I designed the layout for their operational report. The readability was in forefront since the document was printed both in A4 as well as A5 handout size.
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