Client background
Safedo Oyj, formerly known as Merplast, is Finland’s leading expert in workplace first aid readiness. With a mission to safeguard work environments, Safedo collaborates closely with clients to proactively prevent and minimize the costs resulting from workplace accidents. Safedo's history spans over fifteen years since its inception in 2005, hosting around 30 employees and servicing over 27,000 clients nationwide.
Project challenge
Workplace safety is a paramount concern, with approximately 135,000 occupational accidents occurring annually in Finland. Recognizing the need for effective and accessible first aid solutions, the project aimed to redesign the traditional first aid kit. The primary challenge was to address the clutter and inefficiency in existing first aid products, especially the disorganized packaging of band-aids which hindered quick and accurate access during emergencies.
Design solution
The project involved developing a modular first aid kit that offered customization to suit different organizational needs. The design featured a wall-mounted cabinet with compartments to keep supplies organized and easily accessible. Three standard sizes – Small, Medium, Large – were offered, with the option for clients to tailor the contents as per their specific requirements.
Work on the modular first aid kit started in 2014 and continued until the end of 2015. The cabinet was developed on the basis of the first aid kit, which modular design allows the customer to place the supplies according to their needs.
Innovative Approach: In tackling the cluttered packaging issue, I proposed a novel packaging design for band-aids, utilizing carton boxes with clear illustrations. This approach significantly improved the identification and selection process for different sizes of bandages. A full-scale mock-up was created to demonstrate the practicality and effectiveness of the design, receiving positive feedback from the client for its ease of use and maintenance.
Easy maintenance
Transparent cover makes it easy to notice when the kit needs restocking. The dust-proof lid also acts as a platform when opened, making it easier to handle patches and bandages. Eyewash bottles are made more accessible by placing them to the sides.
The final product was put into production in 2018.
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