For Finland’s 100th anniversary Mastermark hold a design competition to find new gift items that are part of Finnish life and are suitable for everyday use.
The stove pot
I set out to design for a place where Finnish people usually enjoy spending their leisure time and share stories; sauna. I wanted to design something that would spawn conversation about hobbies or experiences.
I started to imagine a beautiful monument, such as a lighthouse or a beacon in the middle of the stove stones. Kummeli-cairns have been an important part of Finnish boating culture, so I wanted to revitalise its cultural-historical value.
The pot is made by molding the mixture of kaolin and quartz sand. These materials make the product very heat-resistant. The cup-like shape is also easy to manufacture completely mechanically. Glazing makes the product easy to clean and gives it a beautiful glossy and durable surface.
The pot is decorated with artwork that resembles the shape of a stone paving. Detachable cap protects scented oils from water, making them last longer.
Easy-to-produce ceramic pots are at home in sauna, but their simple and elegant design makes them also a fitting  decorative item elsewhere in the household.
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