Kela's (Finnish Social Insurance Institution) maternity package turned 85 in 2022. Over the decades, the maternity package has maintained its place as the first benefit for families with children. Kela distributes just under 40,000 packages every year. Among first-time mothers, almost all choose a maternity package, and only one-third of all mothers take maternity allowance in cash. In many families, the box serves as the baby's first bed, and later it stores the baby's clothes and other supplies. The box and its illustration can be seen in the everyday life of families for years or even decades.
In honor of the anniversary, a design competition was held to find a new illustration for the years 2024-2029. The content of the maternity package has been co-developed with the customers. For this reason, Kela wanted to offer customers the opportunity to vote on the packaging designs. Professionals in the visual field, together with Kela colleagues, chose 9 works for public voting.

'Daydream' visual design proposal for Kela's maternity package, 2022

Daydream illustrates the world through the eyes of a toddler. The dreamy world is filled with characters and landscapes in future Finland. Even in the future, you can see friends and animals frolicking freely outside. Smell colorful flowers and feel tingling snowflakes on your nose. In the Finland of the future, people will take care of each other and their environment. The future is full of opportunities to build a meaningful and happy life. There are all kinds of things to do and to learn, but right now, it's time for another nap.
The Daydream visual is designed to celebrate the Naive style. The artwork consists of dreamlike figures and abstract shapes that form clouds, grasses and even hair. Space has been left on the cover where you can draw more characters.
The color palette is a mix of different seasons. The fresh green of summer, the yellow of August cornfields, and the freezing blue. The contrast is created by the creative "marker" black.
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