I was commissioned with another MA student to design and produce the exhibition of a research project called 'The Shades of Green instrument' by FINIX. The project was part of Designs for a Cooler Planet 21 exhibition (in collaboration with Helsinki Design Week).
The project
The academically rooted Shades of Green instrument has been developed in the FINIX research project on sustainable textile systems by Postdoctoral researcher Linda Turunen and Professor of Sustainability Management Minna Halme. The idea of the exhibition is to present the Shades of Green instrument (SoG) developed in the FINIX project.
The SoG instrument helps consumers understand and compare the environmental and social aspects of textiles and clothing. "The SoG instrument aims to structure environmental and social sustainability information in a simple yet comprehensive and actionable form for consumers. Its
three levels (from minimum integration to innovation) and two dimensions (environmental and social sustainability) will offer consumers a clear matrix that can support their decision-making.”
The initial idea was to present the instrument according to the steps of the “green staircase”, placing clothes and textiles on the physical staircase according to which step they are placed according to the criteria of the instrument. During the process we collaborated with the researchers and exhibition organizers in order to support the theoretical basis of the instrument, while taking into account safety regulations.
Designs for a Cooler Planet was on display 8.-30.9.2021.

Concept render, Joona Järvinen.

Design and production: Joona Järvinen & Emma van Dormalen
Communications: Salla Neuman
Graphic design: Federico Simeoni
Photography: Anne Kinnunen, exhibition photos by Mikko Raskinen
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