Sound of Iittala is a ceramic acoustic guitar that celebrates household items by converting their physical and audible properties into an instrument.
Hands-on with nordic senses
During Product and Form course, we collaborated with Fiskars Group to explore conceptual products for their recognized glass and tableware brand, Iittala. They requested to center our ideas around 'nordic senses'.
For my concept development, I studied household ambiance, and the role of glass and tableware within it. I recorded tableware in use to explore the “Sound of Iittala” and wanted to utilize that sound by turning Iittala products into instruments, in this case a guitar.
The neck was sculpted from blaze pirch. Holes and slots were cut on ceramic tray with water jet. Two facing trays were glazed together to form a body.
Having played guitar for nearly 20 years and finally building my own from scratch brought me closer to my dear hobby. The client was surprised and excited about the piece and I was proud for having it exhibited during Helsinki Design Week 2020.
Final product and exhibition images by Esa Naukkarinen.

Course projects were displayed on the main exhibition during Helsinki Design Week at the Olympic Stadium 11.-13.9.2020.

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