Phantom is a semi-autonomous multipurpose machine that is prepared to meet various challenges of the future. It is designed to work as independently as possible, but primarily serves as an extension of its user.
Autonomous linkage enables user to focus on different tasks, while Phantom equips needed implements by itself.
Wheelbase is designed so that some implements can be fitted underneath the machine. This makes Phantom extremely compact and agile in urban setting. Tricyclic structure also reduces rutting during rural field operations.
Electric in-hub motors offer numerous benefits such as heightened acceleration and maneuverability.
Phantom is also equipped with thermoelectric generators that turn waste heat into renewable energy. Thermoelectrics benefit from extreme temperatures and can be harvested throughout the day.
Take a peek
Phantom’s unique translucent body gives you a chance to marvel the beauty of a powerful engine even if it was only passing by. Exciting!
Phantom uses LiDar cameras to create a real-time 3D environment of its surroundings. Optical cameras are placed apart to generate a more broader, panoramic field of view.
Within arm’s reach
Phantom can be set to operate on pre-assigned fields or route maintenance without any assistance, but it can also be controlled remotely from another vehicle to execute more precise tasks.
By taking advantage of AgCo Fuse Connected Services, Phantom can calculate time estimations to further improve time management and productivity.

Phantom autonomically coupling a snow plough.

Attachment rails make linkage swift and secure. Phantom is also backwards compatible with 3-point link attachments.
In addition to agricultural activities, Phantom’s features would enable it to perform in different utilities arranging from construction work, forestry, to even natural disaster response.
Overcome the elements
Phantom expands on what Valtra has been building on for decades: functional, reliable machinery that suits and adapts to various tasks and needs in the most extreme conditions.
By combining agility, ease of use and a high power-to-weight ratio with autonomic multitasking and diverse implement compatibility, Phantom becomes a valuable asset both in rural and urban environments all year round.
Phantom will join the Valtra family of products as the most advanced multipurpose machine which makes it a truly worthy addition as YOUR WORKING MACHINE.
Jury's comments
Interesting philosophy around energy generating and tools attachment makes the concept extra exciting. What caught the jury’s eye from the start was the spectacular appearance housing so much of innovative thinking.
A day in the life...
Inspired by the LEGO Mini series, I wanted to spend a day as a LEGO designer. Using a CAD software developed by AFOL community, I started to recreate my tractor concept using as few bricks as possible. It was an exciting challenge that familiarized me with LEGO brick inventory, and also made me appreciate set builders a whole new way.

Phantom future tractor concept was awarded with honorable mention in Valtra Design Challenge 2018.

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