Red is a zero-emission step towards autonomous machinery the tractor industry is already heading to. Red can be programmed to follow patterned routes via GPS or by tracking a human operated vehicle.
During this two month project I set out to design literally an “all-around” functional machine by mirroring the main frame. A lot of mechanical features had to be reinvented in favor of coupling and efficient steering. One curious challenge along the development was to maintain the resemblance of a tractor.
Infrared laser scanners are installed on both sides of the bonnet and in front of the mudguards for 360 degree obstacle detection and collision avoidance. Active sensors emit their own energy source for illumination, making working at dark as efficient and safe as during daytime. Both ends are also equipped with optical cameras for remote control to assist it in more cautious situations.
Red’s unique symmetric structure enables instantaneous switching between moving directions. All-electric motors are installed inside the tyres so propulsion power is distributed individually to each of them.
In addition to battery packs, energy is partially gained from solar panels installed on top of the body and mudguards. Linkage is retractable to maximize ground clearance and front/rear arms can be spread to increase stability during coupling. Its slim design provides agility and mobility even in the most challenging environments.
Red’s purpose is not to replace human labor, but to assist and carry out lengthy tasks to save time for operators. Its overall design combines Valtra’s familiar features with classic characteristics from the 50’s. The name Red comes from its main function: the infrared scanners, but it also resembles the recognizable color brand and powerful spirit of which Valtra is known for.
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